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 ODXT, Popartist/painter, producer, writer, creator, story teller and on and on and on...


 Born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA now residing in BERLIN, Germany - AMSTERDAM, Holland and DTLA, California he is producing art in these three art meccas.



 ODXT art is a mix of latex, spray paint and oil stick with words on canvas or in the streets... He combines street art abstract art, scribbles, and pop art with strong text, lines and heavy plates.

Influenced by the 80′s pop art explosion. Basquiat, Warhol, Clemente and Twombly but also by modern day street art... and everything else around him.



 In the years ODXT has been living in abroad, he's participated in dozens of solo and group exhibitions all over THE WORLD. The distinct coalescence of symbols and words, colors and shapes inspired by his new surroundings have taken his art to the next level. As he developed he started painting in see through layers that became a new process and look that sets him apart from other painters...


 For availability or if you would like to carry ODXT art in your gallery please contact us @  dean.odxtmgmt@gmail.com






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